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Composition for Film/TV

Finding a love for composition during his time at Northwestern, Joe has scored numerous projects in a variety of styles. His senior year at Northwestern, Joe began working as a contract composer for White Stork Music, whose music is featured on shows including "Fast Foodies" on TruTV and "Below Deck" on Bravo. You can find examples of Joe's work, and the projects he's been a part of below.

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Written and Directed by Julianna Lee

Produced by Caroline Bates and Alexa Kim

Compositions by Joe Nedder

Victor’s most arduous task of the day, getting out of bed in the morning, is hindered by the sudden appearance of a cumbersome yet inconspicuous blob. With the help of his sister and father, Victor attempts to defeat this mini-monster, but ultimately he realizes it is up to him to defeat the stubborn blob on his own.

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Being Alive: A Sitcom Pilot

Written by Kinsey Jasnoch, Directed by

Carly Griffin-Fiorella, Produced by Shelby Shultz,

Compositions by Joe Nedder

When three OurTime! dolls suddenly come to life in a Rubbermaid tote in a suburban basement, they’ve got to enlist the help of their former owner and now friend, Macy, to survive life as modern-day adults in New York City, which is made all the more challenging when the corporation that created them is on their tails.

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Grief Night Club: 
A Short Film Musical

Book and Lyrics by Nolan Robinson, Compositions by Joe Nedder, Orchestration and Production by Sam Wolsk, Vocal Arrangements by Louis Danowsky

A young man struggles with his identity and his mental health through a theatrical mental journey.

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